Best Student Loans For College

Private student loans are vital instruments that can assist students to offset the costs of continuing their education. However, they’re not right for every student, and they’re not always easy to obtain. Eligibility standards for private student loans, interest rates, prices, and features can vary widely and are set at the discretion of the lender.

We reviewed the best student loans based on their interest rates, deferment options, range of conditions, autopay discounts, and more to get you started. We also reviewed student loan aggregators and marketplaces that allow you to compare various loan deals to help you even more in your comparison shopping.

Best Student Loans For College


The trick to having the right loan for you is to compare various student loan deals. The six largest websites that aggregate student loan provider details were evaluated. Our top requirements are a tool or table that allows you to compare and apply pre-qualified rates and terms if you choose to rely on the web.

Credible is our choice because it gives you a customized table of up to eight deals from lenders to compare and to complete a student loan application, you can click through to a lender’s website. Here’s how it works: you’ll build a trustworthy account and share your information in a short form. This data is used by Trustworthy to match you with deals for student loans.

Citizen’s Bank

Among the best student loans, Citizens Bank provides some of the lowest rates of interest. Borrowers may apply for a number of loans with potentially low rates after registering for autopay and signing up for an additional account at Citizens Bank. Interest rates depend on whether you are a parent or a student, and whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student.


Although CommonBond has some difficult competition for refinancing student loans, thanks to providing some of the best interest rates, it pulls ahead. On variable-rate loans, refinancing rates start at 1.97 percent APR, 2.83 percent on fixed-rate loans, or 3.62 percent APR for a hybrid rate option.

Standard undergraduate student loans are also provided by CommonBond. For the first five years of the loan, the unusual hybrid-rate refinancing loan provides a fixed rate and then moves to a variable rate. For borrowers who may want to prepay this debt or get a headstart on repayment with a lower cost, this could be a great choice.

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